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Burp Cloths
The 100 per cent cotton flannel peanut-shaped burp cloths that I make
are both functional and cute! What Mom wouldn't love to find these in a
baby shower basket!!!

I pre-wash and machine-dry the fabric before making the burp cloths.

The burp cloths measure 16 inches long and 12 inches across at each

In the photos above, I made the burp cloths from Precious Moments and
Baby Bear-themed
cotton flannel.
Personalize the burp cloths with an embroidery design that could be a
baby design or the baby's name
$4.50 each
$9.00 each with embroidered design
Nicole's Binky Bibs
Your little one's binky is always accessible and clean with a Nicole Baby
Binky.  The 100 per cent cotton flannel bib has a velcro closure and the
binky or pacifier attaches with velcro.
The binky bibs that I made are shown in a Beatrix Potter flannel and
2 different baby bears cotton flannels.
Price: $9.00 each (binky included)

Binky Bib design: Courtesy of