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Travel Bags
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The JoJo Bag

The JoJo Travel Bag is designed with security in mind.  
There are no outside pockets on the JoJo Travel Bag.
The JoJo Travel Bag is 17" high, 35" round &
11" in diameter.
There are 6 inside pockets, 3 on each side.
The base of the bag has a 'secret pocket' which
provides access to the area between the lining
and the outside fabric.  

The JoJo Travel Bag in cotton-quilted fabrics is shown below in the
Blue Pearls of the Orient, Pink Prism & Tropical Fish .

I  use a Sandy Scrivano pattern to make the JoJo Bag.

Custom-quilting is not available for the JoJo Travel Bag.

Price in cotton-quilted fabric: $55.00 + S&H when applicable.
Inside Pockets
Zippered Pocket
Cell phone pocket
Front of Leslie Backpack
Close-up of front
pouch pocket
Outside Back of Leslie
Inside pockets
Zipper closed & centered at
The Leslie Backpack

The Leslie Backpack is a great & stylish backpack choice for travel or for just
being out & about.
The backpack has a front pouch pocket and its zippered closure makes it extra
The back has an added stiffener which helps keep the back upright if it is placed
on the floor, etc.  The straps extend out from triangular shaped tabs that are
located on either side close to the bottom of the back.  The straps are not
adjustable.  There is also a handle at the top if one chooses to carry the backpack.
The same stiffener is also added to the base as well as to the top zippered closure.
The inside of the backpack has 2 slip-in pockets on the inside back of the bag.
The inside seams are finished with a bias binding in the same fabric as the striped
The Leslie Backpack measures about 13" wide, 16.5" high and 5.75" deep.  This is
a large bag.

The Leslie Backpack is shown in the now-retired elegant
Georgian Manor & the
now-retired Gecko cotton-quilted prints .
Custom-quilting is unavailable for the Leslie Backpack.

Price: $80 + S&H when applicable.
The Bobbie Waistpack

Measures 11 & 1/2" x 8 & 1/2" x 3".
There's a total of 3 zippered sections:

* The main zippered front pouch that opens at the top of the bag
* A front zippered pouch that it is 8 & 1/2" across the top
* The 3rd zippered pocket is on the rear of the waist pack& has
slots for bill & credit cards; is large enough to hold a passport

The waist pack is held on with an adjustable nylon webbed strap that has a
side release buckle.  
Shown in the Black Floral, Tropical Fish & the now-retired
Blue Pearls of the Orient quilted

Price:  $45.50 + S&H when applicable.
Custom-quilting is not available for the Bobbie Waist Pack.
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The Judith Duffel Bag
After making my first Judith Duffel Bag, I finally got rid of that
dreary looking carry-on bag I used to drag behind me every time
we went away & started carrying my Judith Duffel Bag.  Not only is
the bag huge, it is also pretty. And really, what is wrong with
pretty??  It beats dreary any day!

The Judith Duffel Bag is simply the perfect weekend getaway bag.
It holds so much with its 3 outside pockets and spacious interior.

The exterior has a front slip-in pocket, 2 side zippered pockets
which are pretty large, and a top centered zipper closure that is
balanced by 2 fabric tabs.

Be careful to not over-pack the bag when using it as a carry-on so
it will fit in the overhead bin.

The Judith Duffel Bag measures:
    20 inches long/across
    12 inches deep
    12 inches high

The bag is shown in the Black Orleans prequilted fabric.

I used a Studio Cherie pattern to make this bag.

Price: $149 + postage when applicable
Outside Front
Packed Duffel
Exterior Side Zippered Pocket
Empty Duffel
Centered Top Zipper With Fabric