The Mary Briefcase

The Mary Briefcase has 3 outside pockets, one on the
front and 2 divided slip-in pockets on the back which are
the width of the bag. This bag has a zippered closure
which  extends all the way from the bottom of one side to
the other side.  
The inside has 2 pockets on one side and
a 17" wide zippered pocket on the opposite side. This
zippered pocket is wide and deep enough to hold a
standard-sized manila folder.
There are shoulder straps and handles on the front &
back outside.
Shoulder straps only is an available option.
The bag measures, when zipped, 17" W x 12&1/2" H x 3 D.
Shown in the
Virginia Manor quilted print & coordinate.
Custom-quilting is not available for the Mary
Price: $75.00 + S&H when applicable.
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Outside Back Pockets
Inside Zippered Pocket
Inside Slip-In Pockets
Shoulder Straps Only
The Louise Tote Bag
The Louise Tote Bag is a great shoulder bag for work or travel.   
The bag has a top button closure &  measures 17 inches across,
10 inches high and has a 6 inch wide base.   Included is a
fabric-covered removable base support.
Two outside and inside pocket choices are available in the Louise
Tote Bag:
Choice #1:  An outside zippered pocket with a slip-in pocket
behind the zippered pocket-shown in the
Red Pearls of the Orient
quilted fabric
Price for Louise Tote with an outside zippered pocket: $55.00 +
S&H when applicable.  Three inside pockets and one inside
zippered pocket

Choice #2:  An outside slip-in pocket only as shown in the Poppy
Fields quilted fabric and six inside slip-in pockets .
Price for Louise Tote with an outside slip-in pocket:  $50.00 +
S&H when applicable
The Tiffany Handle Tote Bag

The Tiffany Bag is a neat variation on the traditional tote bag.  The handle, which easily converts to a long
shoulder strap, is woven through 4 loops.  Carry the bag as a hand bag or wear it as a shoulder bag by simply
pulling up one end of the strap.
The bag has one outside pouch pocket.   The lined inside has 6 slip-in pockets.
The Tiffany Bag has a magnetic closure.
Measurements: 13" across at the top , 11" high and 5.5" deep.
Shown in the
Reflections and Etosha cotton-quilted fabrics.
Price: $35.00 + S&H when applicable.
The Tiffany Tote is also now available with a zipper closure and the standard 2 shoulder straps handles. as
shown in the new
Sunset pre-quilted fabric.
Price with a zipper top closure: $45.00
The JoAnn Tote
The JoAnn tote/shoulder bag has a roomy, lined
inside with 6 slip-in pockets.   The shoulder strap
works its way up from the main part of the bag and
ties in a knot at the top.
The JoAnn tote is a great summertime bag.  The bag
has a velcro closure.
The bag is shown in the
Hibiscus cotton-quilted print.
Price: $20.00 + S&H when applicable.
The Nancy T Zippered Top Tote Bag  
Although their dimensions are the same, it is the zippered top on the Nancy T
Tote Bag that distinguishes it from the Louise Tote Bag.  The zippered top
obviously adds more security to the bag's contents.
In addition to shoulder straps, the Nancy T Tote has one zippered outside
pocket.  Behind the zippered pocket is also a slip-in pocket as indicated by the
white pad.
Inside there are 6 slip-in pockets and a covered, removable base support.
The Nancy T Tote can also be made with an additional outside back pocket as
shown in the bag made in the Classic Neutral print.
Shown in the
Floral & Fauna & Classic Neutral (retired) quilted prints &
Price for the Nancy T Tote: $75.00 + S&H when applicable.
The Sarah Briefcase/Tote

The Sarah Briefcase/Tote is huge!   It is designed to be used mainly as a briefcase with the conveniences of a tote bag.
The Sarah Briefcase/Tote measures 19.5" across, 12" high and 6" deep
The Sarah Briefcase/Tote is loaded with storage compartments.
The outside front has a slip-in pocket. On each side of the outside there is a pocket that is 4.75" across and 7.5" high.
The inside has slip-in pockets on each side.  In the tote shown there are 5 slip-in pockets on one side and 4 on the opposite side.
There is a center zippered compartment that has a 17" opening.
The shoulder straps are positioned to make carrying the Sarah Briefcase/Tote very comfortable.
The flap closure fastens with a magnetic snap.
The Sarah Briefcase/Tote is shown in the
Virginia Manor prequilted fabric.
Price: $75.00 + S&H when applicable
For more added convenience consider pairing the Sarah Briefcase/Tote with a Ciara wristlet.
Zipper Closure
Inside Pockets
Tiffany Tote In Sunset
The Anita Fold-Up Embellished Tote
Finally back in stock are the gorgeous fold-up totes that I
embellish with machine embroidery.  All the ones I first
introduced sold out at the holiday sale in Nov., 2007.
I do not make the tote bags.  

The bags are made from a very heavy duty waterproof nylon
and have brown faux leather handles and a snap closure over
the zippered top.  I did not make the bags.

Being waterproof, the bags are an obvious choice to carry on
a rainy day (rain or shine, I carry mine to work every day).  But
they're also perfect for the beach, travel and shopping.

Measurements:  19 inches across and 17 inches tall.
Color choices: Lime green, yellow, rose, purple, royal blue and
light blue

Embroidery choices are almost endless!   Choose a
monogram, a single color design of a famous landmark,
career, hobby, sport, etc.
The designs shown measure are about 6 inches high.

Price: $20 + S&H when applicable
The Daphine Pleated Tote

The Daphine Pleated Tote is a great everyday tote bag
that features a magnetic snap closure, a slip-in pocket
with a pen slot.

The Daphine Pleated Tote measures approximately
11.5 inches across the top,
15 inches across the bottom,  2 inches in depth and 15
inches in height.  
The shoulder strap drop can be adjusted to fit
individual preferences.
Fabric shown:
Poppy Fields

Price: $30.00 + S&H when applicable

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The Amy Bag

Like the Winnie Tote Bag, the Amy
Bag is a great alternative to the traditional tote.  With its deep, roomy interior
that has three slip-in pockets on each side and a zippered outer pocket, the
Amy Bag is made for shopping!
The straps extend directly out from the front and back.
To distinguish the front from the back, the bag includes a coordinating floral
fabric pin.
The Amy Bag measures 16" long and 17" across.  It has a magnetic snap
Price: $50.00 + S&H when applicable