Shoulder Bags
The Evelyn Bag
The Evelyn Bag is a great shoulder bag to
wear when we want to carry a lot without
having to carry a large bag.
The Evelyn Bag measures 9" across and
8.5" from top to bottom.  It has a top  
zippered top.  Along each side there is a 2"
wide gusset.
On the front is a divided 6.5" deep pocket
that extends the width of the bag.
The 1" wide shoulder strap is
channel-stitched & can easily be worn
across the chest.
Price:  $30.00 + S&H when applicable.
The Julie Bag
The Julie Bag is such an easy shoulder bag to
Its shape widens towards the bottom.
Measures 10" across at its zippered top, 11"
across at the bottom and 10" from the center
top to the bottom.  
There are 2 outside front pockets: one is
zippered and the 2nd is a slip-in behind the
zippered pocket.
The inside has 2 deep slip-in pockets.
East Wind (retired)
Price: $42.50 + S&H when applicable.
The Leah Messenger Bag

The Leah Messenger Bag is an ideal bag for travel
or everyday use.
Measures 7"W X 8"L.   The flap front has a
zippered pocket that would safely hold a passport.  
The roomy inside has one zippered pocket.
The front flap closes with a magnetic snap.
The extra wide shoulder strap is 1 & 5/8" wide &
being 46 inches long,   
it can easily be worn across the chest .  
For added dimension, there are 5 rows of channel
stitching on the shoulder strap.
 Feathers and Side B of Heirloom Classic
Price: $38.00 + S&H when applicable.
The Helen Bag
The Helen Bag is a neat twist on an old standby, the hobo bag.
The channeled-stitched shoulder strap is extra wide at 2" which makes it
less likely to slip off one's shoulder.  
Measures 13 .5" from one end of the top zipper to the other end.  
Tapers to 10" wide at the bottom.  
The base is a generous 5.5" wide.
There is a 6.5" zippered pocket on one end of the outside; great for storing
keys & a cell phone (see photo).
The inside has one zippered pocket on one side & 3 slip-in pockets on the
opposite side.
Fabrics shown:
Tropical Fish  &  Rose Whispers
Price as shown: $42.00 + S&H when applicable.
The Anne D Zippety Bag
The Anne D Bag has 2 zippered outside sections and an open center section that is perfect for keys.
The Anne D Zippety Bag is available in 3 sizes:
Large (shown in the
Georgian Manor print) measures about 9.5 inches square
Price: $24 + S&H when applicable
I used my large Zippety almost exclusively on our September, '09 trip to London & Paris!

Medium (shown in the very limited
Blue Pearls of the Orient Print) measures about 7.5 inches square
Price: $23 + S&H when applicable
Small (shown in the green/lilac
Lady Katheryn print) measures about 5.5 inches square
Price: $21 + S&H when applicable
I love using my small Zippety when I am walking Gracie.  It is the perfect bag for my cell phone, pepper spray and tissues.
Consider the small Zippety for young girls

The  Zippety Bag ©
The Pat Bag
The Pat Bag is another hobo-type shoulder
Measures 11" W x  7.5" H.  There is a x 2.5"
W gusset
along the sides & bottom; the gusset tapers
to 1" W at the top of each side.
The Pat Bag has
a zippered  closure, 4
outside slip-in pockets, 2 on each side and
4 inside slip-in pockets.   
The Pat Bag is
Both outside & inside pockets are divided in
the middle.
Fabrics shown:
Pink Prism  & the retired Etosha
Price: $30.00
The Miriam Briefcase Bag

Tired of toting a shoulder bag along with your briefcase?  Then
consider the Miriam Bag as the perfect alternative to a
shoulder bag when you're carrying a briefcase or shopping.  
This bag easily slips into a briefcase such as the Mary
Briefcase.   The front has 3 pockets, 2 zippered and a slip-in
pocket behind the bottom front zippered pocket.
There is another zippered pocket on the back.
The front & back are created from one continuous piece of
17" long  fabric that is folded and secured on the inside  by
The Miriam Bag measures 6.5"W and almost 8.5"L.
Price: $23.00 + S&H when applicable.
An optional embroidered monogram or design is available for
an additional $7.50.
Front of Bag
Close-up of Front
Outside Back Pocket
Inside Flap
The Linda Mini Messenger Bag
The Linda Mini Messenger Bag is a small version of the
Leah Bag.  
Measures 6.5" across and about 6.75" from top to  bottom.
It has one outside back slip-in pocket as well as one inside
slip-in pocket.
It has a magnetic closure.
The shoulder strap has channel stitching which makes it
more secure on the shoulder.
Price: $38.00 + S&H when applicable.
Inside zippered pocket
The Updated "Updated" Lily Bag
The Updated Lily Bag is just a wonderful, everyday shoulder bag.
The Updated Lily Bag has one outside front zippered pocket that extends from side seam to side seam.
The first updated Lily Bag, shown on the left, has a front zippered pocket that is about 7" across, is still available.
Inside there are 6 pockets: on each side there are 3 slip-in pockets.
Measurements:  The zippered top, from one strap seam to the opposite one,  measures almost 15".
The base, looking at the bag from the front, measures  12" side to side.
The base, from front to back, measures 6".
The bag height, from the center of the zipper to the bottom, is 9".   The height, at the sides, from the strap seam to the bottom, is
The strap can be any length one wants but the standard length of the strap is 30".
The strap drop from the top center of the strap to the top of the zipper is 18".
Fabrics shown:  
Blue Spyro Gyro and Green & Lilac Lady Katheryn
Tiffany's Trove

Price:  $60.00 + S&H when applicable
The Lily Bag is named after our
precious Basset Hound, Lily, who
died on July 1, 2005.
The Gerry Bag
The Gerry Bag is a rectangularly shaped shoulder bag.  Its recessed
zippered closure opens to an inside that has 4 slip-in pockets, 2 on each
side.  The side pockets on either side of the outside provide easy
access to keys or a cell phone.
On both sides of the fronts is a 1.5" wide band of coordinated fabric.
The Gerry Bag measures 10" across, 8" high and the base is 3" wide.  
The Gerry Bag is shown in the retired  
Georgian Manor pre-quilted print.
Price: $35.00 + S&H when applicable.
Outside of Gerry Bag
Outside Cell Phone
Inside Pockets
The Florence Bag

The Florence Bag is the perfect compromise between a
large and very small shoulder bag.   
The 6.5" deep pocket on each side of the outside has an
elasticized top and gathered bottom that make the pockets
both functional and extremely attractive.
Incorporated into both sides of the lining are 2 divided
pockets that also have the elasticized top and gathered
bottom detailing.
The Florence Bag has a magnetic closure.  It is shown in the
Somerton & Abstract Expressions cotton-quilted prints.
Measurements: 12" across, 7" high and 4" deep.
Price: $35.00 + S&H when applicable.
The Bridget Bag
The Bridget shoulder bag is a wonderful combination of classic style and very
unique design detailing.
The front pocket, which closes with a magnetic closure, rests on a contrast trim
which continues onto the back of the bag.
The top zippered closure opens to a roomy, multi-pocketed inside.
The double shoulder strap extends out of the body of the bag.  The sturdy shoulder
strap encases a thick, cotton cording which gives the strap and bag such a unique
The Bridget Bag measures 14 inches across, 10.5 inches from the center of the
zipper to the bottom & 3 inches deep.  The drop from the top center of the shoulder
straps to the zipper is 13 inches.
Price: $60.00 + S&H when applicable.
Fabrics shown:
Classic Red & Lady Kathryn Blue & Brown (retired)
The Aracely Bag
The Aracely Bag is a variation on the traditional messenger bag.  
The main part of this across the chest bag rests on the hip.
The Aracely Bag is the ideal bag for both travel & shopping.  
Documents and or a wallet fit neatly in the roomy, zippered  bag.  
Inside there are 2 slip-in pockets.  The outside pocket, with a
trim coordinated to the main fabric, has a velcro closure & is the
perfect place to store keys & a cell phone.   
As seen in the photo, the Aracely Bag can be made to
accommodate either a right or left-handed person.   
The main part of the Aracely Bag measures approximately 10.25
inches X 9.75 inches.
Price: $28 + S&H when applicable.
Fabrics shown:
Lady Katheryn Blue/Brown (retired) and Somerton
Outside Front
Top View Of Closed Zipper
Zipper Opened
The Cleo Bag
The uniquely designed soft-structured Cleo shoulder bag with its many pockets and
zipper closure provides for safe storage, organization and easy access to the bag's
There are 2 large outside side pockets which are ideal for storing phones, glasses and
The recessed zipper opens to an inside that has a zipped pocket on one side and several
slip-in pockets on the opposite side.
The soft-structured gathered look of the Cleo bag results from the insertion of a wide
elastic on both the front and back of the bag.
The shoulder straps extend directly out of the body of the bag and make the bag very
comfortable to wear on one's shoulder.
The bag measures, at the gathered section, about 11 inches across from one side
pocket to the other.
The bag measures 9 inches from the top of the center to the base.  The bottom is
approximately 13 inches across.
Price: $60.00 + S&H when applicable.
Fabrics shown:
Etosha and Poppy Fields
The Joyce Bag
The Joyce Bag is the ideal shoulder bag for those times when we want to
carry a smaller purse and still be able to carry the 'essentials'.
The bag has 2 side pockets on the outside.  Inside there are 4 slip-in
The Joyce Bag is self-lined with all edges enclosed in seam binding that
gives the inside a lovely finished look.
The bag measures 10.5 inches across, 6.5 inches high as measured
from the center and 3 deep deep.  The shoulder strap as shown in the
Black Bits 'n Pieces has a drop of almost 10 inches.   The strap length
can be custom-made.
Price: $40 + S&H when applicable
Fabric shown:
Tuileries (retired)
The Terry Bag
The Terry Bag is a zippered shoulder bag that has
unique design lines and is incredibly spacious.  
The top center panels on both the front and back
have a gentle curve which gives the
Terry Bag its distinctive look.
The Terry Bag has a recessed zipper closure.
Each of the 2 shoulder straps measures 29 inches
long.  There is a 15 inch drop from the center of
each shoulder strap to the center of the curve on
the center panels.
Tthere is one outside slip-in pocket that has
contrast banding on the top.
Inside there are 6 deep, spacious pockets.
Price: $45 + S&H when applicable
Fabrics shown:
Red Pearls of the Orient
The Diane Bag
Just wonderful styling characterizes the Diane Bag with its soft, curved sides that
extend out from the banded top and blend into the oval shaped base.  The bag has
inverted pleats on both its front and back, deep front pockets with contrast piping,
contrast banding around the top and double shoulder straps.  
Inside there are 6 slip-in pockets.
The Diane Bag is very spacious.  It measures 12 inches across the top, 10.5 inches
from the center top to the bottom and a 7 inch base from front to back.   Each shoulder
strap is 32 inches long.
The Diane Bag can be ordered with a magnetic closure or a recessed zipper.
Price with magnetic closure:            $40.00
Price with recessed zipper closure: $55.00
Fabrics shown:
Classic Red and
Heirloom Classic
Inside Pockets
Close-Up of Piping
On Front Pockets
Recessed Zipper Closure
Outside Front
Two Pockets
Outside Front
Two Pockets
Inside Pockets
Back View
Front Slip-In Pocket
Inside Pockets
Side Pocket
Front of Bag & Two
Side Pockets
Close-Up of Front
Inside Pockets
The Johanna Messenger Bag
The bag measures 12" L x 12" H x 1.5" W.   
There are 2 slip-in pockets on the outside rear of
the bag which would be great for a cell phone
and keys.  On the lined inside there are 2 slip-in
pockets .  The shoulder strap has a 15 inch drop
from the top center of the strap to the top of the
fold on the front flap.
The flapped front has a D-ring closure.
The bag shown is one of a kind because I don't
have anymore of the quilted blue toile fabric I
used for this bag.  The bag can also be ordered
in any of the fabrics shown on my site.
Price: $45.00 + S&H when applicable
Split Pocket
Inside Pockets
The Cindy Bag
Eight one inch grommets thru which the shoulder strap is woven make this beautiful
shoulder bag eye-catching, unique and secure.
A continuous row of 6 inch deep pockets along the inside lining provide extra storage
in addition to the roomy inside.
The Cindy Bag can also be worn across the chest for totally hands free shopping.
Measurements: Open: 12 inches high and 13 inches across
           Closed: 12 inches high and 7 inches across at the top
Fabrics shown:
Lady Katheryn Lilac and Green , Georgian Manor and
Purple Spyro Gyro
Price: $60 + S&H when applicable  
The Hanley Bag
With its very roomy interior and large
outside large flap that closes with a
magnetic snap, the Hanley Bag is a great
everyday shoulder bag.  
The bag has one inside pocket but more will
be added in future Hanley Bags.
The shoulder strap has extra detail as it is
looped thru bronze-toned rectangular metal
Shown in the n
ow retired Urban Garden
and its coordinates.
Price: $40.00 + S&H when applicable

Filled up!
Outside Side Pocket
Inside Slip-in Pockets
Inside Zippered Pocket
Inside Pockets
Inside Pockets
The Maggie Slouch Bag

The Maggie Slouch Bag is a simple but very functional every
day shoulder bag.  It is a good size but not overwhelming and
is available with either a magnetic clasp closure  or zipper
closure and slip-in pockets all around the inside.
The Maggie Slouch measures approximately 12 inches high
and 11 inches across.

Fabrics shown:
Urban Garden (retired) & Sunset

Price: $30 with magnetic closure
     $35 with zippered closure
The Elana Boho Bag
The Elana Boho bag is a wonderfully huge, gorgeous,
eyecatching bag!!!  Like most boho bags, the Elana
Boho is a large variation on the classic hobo bag.
The shoulder strap extends out from the body of the
bag and tapers into pleats at the top.  A contrast
fabric grip wraps around the center of the strap top
making is very comfortable to carry on one's
The bag has a wooden button closure.
In addition to its spectacular design,  the Elana Boho
has several customizable pockets on both sides of
the inside to keep everything organized.  Thus, in
addition to being perfect for shopping or everyday
use, this bag could easily be used for travel.

Fabric shown:
Georgian Manor (retired)
Price: $60 + S&H when applicable
Inside Pockets
Shoulder Strap
Fabric Grip
Recessed Zipper
The Maria Bag
The Maria Bag is very uniquely styled with
its V-cut center & back from which its
shoulder straps extend.  The outside front
has 2 deep, split pockets while the inside
has 4 slip-in pockets to help keep
everything organized.  A fabric tie keeps the
bag closed.  The Maria Bag is also shown
with a lanyard, something I recently started

Fabric shown:
UrbanGarden (RETIRED)
Price:  $45 + S&H when applicable
Close-up of
Front Tie Closure
Inside Pockets
The Gail Round Satchel
The Gail Round Satchel has a 2 inch gusseted side, one large
inside pocket divided into 2 sections and a button loop closure.  
The wide channel-stitched shoulder strap as shown doesn't
have a very long drop and helps maintain the unique, circular
design of the bag.
Measurements:  13.5 inches at its widest point and 9 inches
high at the center
Fabric shown:
Tuileries (retired)
Price: $42+ S&H when applicable

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The Helen Bag is now retired!
The Pat Bag is now retired!
The Gracie Bag
The Gracie Bag is the sweetest bag and is the ideal bag to carry when we only want
the bare essentials.  It easily holds a small wallet, cell phone, keys, and a few
The Gracie Bag has a magnetic closure, is lined, and has 2 small inside pockets.
The bag measures 11.5 inches across at its widest & 7" tall.  The strap is 31" long.
Fabrics shown: Bag on left:  'Perennials' for the main exterior   Unknown pattern
name for bag on right
The Gracie Bag can also be made in any of the prequilted fabrics shown on my site.
Gracie Bag made from the Buttercup Bag Pattern by Rae Hoekstra,
A larger version will be available in the near future.
Price: $28.00 + S & H when applicable
Gracie turned 7 years old on August
5, 2012!!!