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Wristlets & Change Purses
With its trapezoidal shape, carrying strap and large size, the Karen Wristlet offers compact
carrying convenience as well as a roomy interior.  It is perfect for those days when we don't want
to carry a large bag still want room for the basic daytime necessities.

The Karen Wristlet can be ordered in any of the prequilted fabrics shown on the fabric pages.  
The Karen Wristlet can also be custom-quilted in any of the coordinates shown on the fabric pages
as well as a themed-fabric such as the travel-themed wristlet shown below.  Choose a fabric that
reflects someone's special interest such as pets, casinos, tea, racing, the ocean and have it
custom-quilted into a one-of-a-kind special gift.

The Karen Wristlet can also be ordered with the zipper inserted about 3/4  inch below the top as
shown in the wristlet made in the Tropical Fish prequilted fabric.
The Karen Wristlet is lined and has serged-finished seams.  It measures about 9.5 inches across
and about 6 inches high.

Prices:   Custom Quilted          $14.00  
             Prequilted Fabric $12.00
The wristlet design ©

Consider combining the Karen Wristlet with a Camille Key Chain Purselet or a Marilyn Key Ring
Purse for a winning combination!
Poppy Fields Prequilted
Custom-quilted travel-themed
Blue Spyro Gyro
Pink Prism
Tropical Fish Prequilted
Zipper is about 3/4 inch below
the top
The Camille Pocket Key Chain is just perfect for anyone who really wants to
travel super light! Because of its compact size, about 5.75 inches by 3.00
inches, the Camille Pocket Key Chain  can be easily slipped into a pocket or
even better, a Karen Wristlet!!!

The Camille Pocket Key Chain which is made from single-weight fabric, has a
snapped back pocket that easily holds a license, one or two credit cards and
a few bills.  
The front has diamond-shaped quilting.
Price: $8.00.
Poppy Fields
Blue Spyro Gyro
Poppy Field Coordinates
The Mary Wallet is the ultimate in compact and convenient.  It fits easily into small bags as well as pockets.
On the outside it offers a zippered coin compartment and a key ring.  Inside there are 4 credit card slots and a section for
paper currency.
The Mary Wallet has a velcro closure.
When closed the Mary Wallet measures 3 inches across and about 4 and 1/2 inches high.
Opened, it measures 6 & 1/4 inches across.
Fabrics shown:  
Classic Red and Floral & Fauna(lining)
Price: $12.00 + S&H when applicable.
The Tiffany Wrist Wallet comes in 2 sizes. The small wrist wallet fits wrists
up to 6.5".  The large wrist wallet fits wrists from 7" to 8.5".
From top to bottom, the Tiffany Wrist Wallet measures about 3".
It comes with a snap closure.   Velcro is also an option, as shown in the
Gecko wallet, instead of snaps.
Fabric shown:
Black Patchwork prequilted (Side B) and its coordinate
& Gecko which is now retired.
Price: $10.00 + S&H when applicable.
The wrist wallet design ©
Three Zippered Pockets Change Purse
The 3 zippered pockets change purse is a neat & compact variation on a
On the back side is another zippered section.
Assign a separate pocket for credit cards, bills and change.
Measurements: Between  6" & 6.5"across x 4.5" tall.  
Price: $15.00 + S& H when applicable
Fabrics shown: Gecko (only one left)
Reflections & Abstract Expressions

The Marilyn Key Ring Purse is a neat variation on the traditional
wallet.   It is designed for someone who wants the convenience of a
wallet but not the size of even a small wallet like the Sally Pocket
Wallet which is shown below.

The Marilyn Key Ring Purse easily holds a few credit cards and a
license as well as currency. It has a Velcro closure as well as a key
holder extension.
Fabrics shown:
Virginia Manor , Georgian Manor & Reflections
Price: $12.00 + S&H when applicable

The key ring purse design ©
The CIARA WRISTLETSThe basic wristlet has one zippered section as well as a strap that fits a
medium sized wrist.
Measurements: 7" across x 4.5" tall.
Shown in the
Hisbiscus cotton-quilted print.
Price: $11.00 + S&H when applicable
The two-way wristlet has a swivel hook attached to the end of the strap.  When the swivel hook
is clipped onto the zipper pull, the wristlet can be worn in the traditional manner.
When the swivel hook is clipped onto the key ring on the opposite side of the wristlet, the purse
can then be carried as a little handbag.
The Ciara two-way wristlet can be ordered with 4 slip-in pockets as shown in the wristlet made
up in the Virginia Manor print.
Shown in the
Red Pearls  & the Virginia Manor cotton-quilted print.
Price: $14.00 + S&H when applicable
Two-Way Wristlet