Our Gracie's need for a new leash prompted my interest in
learning how to make dog leashes & collars.  Not wanting
anything dull & boring for Gracie who is anything but dull &
boring, I decided to sew grosgrain ribbon to collar-coordinated
sturdy nylon webbing before making her new collar and leash.  
Gracie looked so cute in her new leash & collar I decided buy
more ribbon and start making more & offering them on my site.
The leashes & collars are made with either 1" or 3/4" wide
heavy webbing.
The leashes average between 49" & 60" long.   Each has a
very sturdy, strong swivel hook on it.
The collars are adjustable with side closure.
Buy as a set or separately!
Leashes: $14.00
Collars:  $11.00
Set:       $22.00
Contact me!!!!
Gracie modeling a leash & collar!
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