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Bitsy, Gracie's 'best girl
Bitsy is just about
years old.
The JoJo Travel Bag/Backpack

The JoJo Travel Bag is designed with security in mind.  
There are no outside pockets on the JoJo Travel Bag.
The JoJo Travel Bag is 17" high, 35" round &
11" in diameter.
There are 6 inside pockets, 3 on each side.
The base of the bag has a 'secret pocket' which
provides access to the area between the lining
and the outside fabric.  
The JoJo Travel Bag in cotton-quilted fabrics is shown in the
Pink Prism &Tropical Fish.
Custom-quilting is not available for the JoJo Travel Bag.
Price in cotton-quilted fabric: $7
5.00 + S&H when applicable.

Tropical Fish
Pink Prism
Inside 'Secret' Zippered
Inside Pockets
Tropical Fish
The Bitsy Child's Backpack
The Bitsy Backpack is designed with children in mind.  
The bag has a drawstring opening formed by the adjustable
drawstrings that also form the backpack straps.
The bag is made with single weight cotton fabric and is lined.
I made the Bitsy Bag shown in the photo as a dance bag for my great
niece's dance shoes and whatever else a 5 y.o. old carries to her dance
classes! The bag would be great for boys when made up in a boyish
print like a camo or a sports print.
What a great beach bag this backpack would make!

Measurements: 16 inches tall X 14 inches across
Price: $12 w/o embroidery
$20 as shown