Just click on the photos to see the photo full-sized.
Please add $10.00 to the base price for any custom-quilting for
the items listed below.
Contact me!!
18 month old Gracie
Gracie on her 2nd birthday,
August 5, 2007
Inside a purse
Rolled up & ready to
be placed in a purse
The Gracie Double Eyeglass Case
The Gracie Eyeglass Case holds 2 pair of glasses.
Price: $12.00 + S&H when applicable.
Fabrics shown:  
Green & Lilac Lady Katheryn,  
Somerton and a custom quilted Red Hat Society
fabric .
Gracie modeling her new coat,
Jan., 2008
The Joansie Cosmetic Case
The Joansie Cosmetic Case has a
zippered closure and is vinyl-lined.
Size: 7.25W x 5"H.
Price: $9.00 + S&H when
The Kathleen Eyeglass Case/ Zippered Cell
Phone Case

The Kathleen Eyeglass/Cellphone Holder has a side-zippered
opening that can hold a cellphone, keys, change, etc.
Size: 7"L x 4"W
With strap, $17.00 + S&H when applicable
Without strap, $15.00 + S&H when applicable

Fabrics shown:
Pheasant & the now-retired
French Country Patch & Brazilian Nights
The Katy Cellphone Holder
The Katy Cellphone Holder attaches
to a purse with a cross-over
snapped strap.
Price: $8.00 + S&H when applicable
Brazilian Nights (retired)
The Betty Purse Organizer

Consider a Betty Purse Organizer if you are tired of moving things
from one bag to another.
Move the organizer to another purse instead of moving individual
items.  All the essentials needed in every bag or briefcase can be
stored in the various slots in a Betty Purse Organizer.
Price: $15.00 + S&H when applicable
Georgian Manor
The Joy Triangular Tote/Shoe Bag

The Joy Triangular Tote/Shoe Bag has many uses.  I use mine as a shoe bag for
dress shoes that I carry to work.  The largest one could easily serve as a
small grocery tote for those quick grocery store stops when we have to
pick up a few things.
The smaller totes could be used as bags for young girls or gift bags.  And
the smallest is ideal for jewelry or can be attached to a belt to hold a cell
phone, change & keys.
The large bag measures about 12" across and 16" tall.
The medium size bag measures about 9" across and 10" tall.
The smallest tote measures about 7"across and about 5" tall.
Price varies by size: $16.00 (L), 12.00 (M) & 7.00 (S) + S&H when
The largest tote can also be converted into and carried as a backpack or as a shoulder bag.
Price: $20.00 + S&H when applicable
The Darby Bed Caddy
The Darby Bed Caddy fits between the mattress
and box spring.
Size: 24" H x 12"W.  It has 4 deep storage
pockets as shown.  About 12" of the caddy tucks
between the mattress & box spring to keep the
caddy from shifting.
Price: $20.00 + S&H when applicable
Fabric shown:
Reflections & Rose Whispers
Celia Knitting Needle Bag

The Celia Bag has various sized slots to hold
different-sized needles as well as scissors, tape
measures, etc.
When closed with the ribbon tie, , the Celia Bag
measures 12" L.
Custom-quilting is unavailable for the Celia Knitting
Needle Bag.
Price: $35.00 + S & H when applicable.
Kathleen Eyeglass Case is shown
on left
Emily Eyeglass Case is shown on
the right.
French Country Patch
The Emily Eyeglass Case
With Zippered Side Opening & Outside Cell Phone Pocket
The Emily Eyeglass Case is a variation on the Kathleen Eyeglass Case shown
below.  Although the Emily Eyeglass Case offers the same features as the
Kathleen Eyeglass Case, such as the side zippered opening, it is larger than
the Kathleen Eyeglass case.
The Emily Eyeglass Case measures almost 5" across and 7" tall.  It is wide
enough to hold sunglasses.
Several ordering options are available.  Prices vary according to the options
S&H will be added to price when applicable.
1. Larger size w/o strap
2. Larger size with strap
3. Velcro closure w/o strap
4. Velcro closure w/ a strap
5. Cell phone pocket w/o strap
6. Cell phone pocket w/strap
7. Velcro closure, cell phone
pocket w/strap
8. Velcro closure, cell phone
pocket w/o strap
Emily Eyeglass Case
Large Size Only
Reflections, Side B
Emily Eyeglass Case
Large Size With Cell Phone
Pocket & Strap
Pink Prism
Emily Eyeglass Case With
Velcro Closure
Virginia Manor
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The Lorna Lunch Bag Series

The Lorna Lunch Bag series currently includes 2 styles.  
Style One is reminiscent of the traditional brown paper lunch bag.  The top is simply folded over after the lunch is
Style Two has a handle and front flap that has a velcro closure that is the width of the front flap.

Both styles are made from low maintenance oil-cloth.  Simply sponge clean the oilcloth.  The oilcloth is not
The bags are not insulated.
Colors currently available are the ones shown in the photos.
Style One:    $ 6.00  + S&H when applicable
Style Two:   $10.00  + S&H when applicable
Style One
Style Two
The Chanel Quilted List Taker
A quilted list-taker is the perfect, elegant choice for the person who wants an escape from the fast,
high-tech world of blackberries and palm pilots. The list-taker harks back to a more gentle, quieter time.
For the outside of the list taker I used 100 per cent cotton pre-quilted fabric from Fabri-Quilt. I used a coordinating
cotton print for the lining and inside pockets.
The list taker closes with a heavy duty color coordinated elastic which hooks around a button on the outside.
The list taker measures 6 inches across and almost 9 inches high.
A notebook and BIC pen are included with the list-taker.

"The List-Taker design is by Jennifer Casa @”
Price: $15.00 + S&H when applicable
The Chanel Quilted List Taker can be easily purchased thru my etsy store:
ID Cases
The ID case  shown in the Classic Neutral comes with an optional
strap which allows it to be worn on the shoulder or across the chest.
The case has 2 slots on the bottom half, the outside vinyl one for the
ID and another for credit cards, a license or some currency.
The case has a velcro closure.
Price: $10 + S&H when applicable.
Pearl's Monogrammed Badge Reels
Brighten up a dull ID retractable badge reel with an embellished cover.   
Currently available are initials machine-embroidered on cotton fabric.

The Pearl Badge Reel has a swivel, spring clip.
I will do the best I can to satisfy color choices of fabric and thread used for the
Badge reels can also be ordered with just fabric (think themes!) and no initial.  
Price: $7.00+S&H when applicable.
$8.00 for shrink-wrap protected covers + S&H when applicable
John & Gracie
Dec., 2009
Reflections Prequilted
Rose Whispers Prequilted
Now available with
protective covering!
The Logan Baby/Travel Wipes Case
The Logan Baby/Travel Wipes Case is perfect for holding a package of
baby or travel wipes.
The Logan Baby/Travel Wipes Case is a lovely added touch to a very
utilitarian item!
The zippered case measures 9 inches across and 5.5inches high.
As shown, the cases are made up in a baby bear print and the retired
Vera Bradley Blue Toile print.
I make the cases on my embroidery machine. The front has a lovely
stippled stitching and the back is plain
Price: $7 (price does not include the wipes case)
Spa Slippers
When looking for a unique and yet practical gift for a friend or just yourself, consider a pair of custom
embroidered or monogrammed waffle weave spa slippers.

The  slippers can be ordered with either a two letter monogram or a simple design embroidered on the top
part of the velcro closure.  Or the slipper can be left plain.

Sizes available are Medium which is very large and Small which fits a medium foot sized foot.  I wear the
medium and my shoe size is 9 & 1/2.

The colors & sizes currently in stock are white (Medium & Small), lime green (Medium & Small), light pink
(Medium) and deep pink (Small) .
Slippers are machine washable and should be line-dried.
Sizes: Medium (fits large feet) & Small
Price: $15 with embroidered top
$10 plain
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